Mommy Mommy!


Penny will be 2 in exactly 27 hours and 58 minutes.  HOW?! I’ve been reflecting on this past year and can’t help but think of the first day I brought her home from the hospital. I think every mom has that “oh shit, I’m a mom” moment. At least I know I did and It’s ingrained in my brain for life. I was alone with her in the hospital, Ben went to take out our dog Zeus after my almost 23 hours in labor. I was trying to breastfeed and Penny wouldn’t latch. She was screaming crying and so red. The lactation specialist had came to check on us 2 hours before that and was trying to help me nurse. Didn’t work. She specifically told me, do not give her formula if I wanted to be able to strictly breastfeed as I originally wanted. 2 hours later Penny was screaming. She was so little and wrinkly, I knew she was hungry and tried so hard to help her latch, but nothing. That went on for a good 15-20 minutes before the nurse came in. I was so flustered and Penny was red and her skin was dry. The nurse said her skin was dry and red because she was crying so long and was obviously hungry. I told her to give me the 2 ounce formula bottle. She downed it. It was like a weight was lifted, I felt so happy. Penny finished her bottle, I snuggled her into my chest, skin to skin, and she fell asleep. That was my “oh shit, I’m a mom” moment!

I knew from now on it was about learning my daughter’s needs without her being able to tell me. About knowing what she wants, when she needs it and how.  These past two years have flown by in a way I never could imagine. I learned what kind of mother I wanted to be and that it’s something so individual but at the same time it has the same focus at heart. To raise happy, healthy and confident kids no matter how exhausted or defeated we might feel at times. I believe every stage is important, especially for first time moms. It’s all new to us, but there is one very important lesson I’ve learned these past two years that gives me all the hope and strength to face all the future stages that Ben and I will encounter. Every stage is temporary! I remember the sleepless nights, the sleep training, teething, stranger danger phase, first solids (I was SO scared of her choking!), trying to cut those itty bitty nails and accidentally nipping her skin. All these phases that I thought were unbearable at times and now I just laugh about it and remember the time Penny peed all over Ben in a Chinese restaurant bathroom. I know that no matter how bad or frustrating a stage is, it won’t last forever. It will pass and I will miss her this small. I will miss her needing me. I will miss her saying “mommy, mommy” 20 times in a row.

This year we said buh bye to bottles and hello to walking, running and sprinting. We are still working on saying bye to the bobo (pacifier) at night time. We are working on our colors and numbers and how to be patient when we wait for our turn on the swing at the park. We learned how to climb on the dinner table and how to drink milk out of the cereal bowl like a champ. We learned how to eat more neatly with a spoon and a fork. We learned how to say “excuse me” when we burp, fart or sneeze and “please” when we want something. How to pour water into tea cups and cheers with mommy and daddy. We found our love for Cholula. We still love books and I hope we always will. We have a love for Sofia the First aka “Sof”. We learned how to tuck ourselves into bed when we are ready to nap. We love standing by the window and yelling “hi” to everyone who passes by. She gives the best hugs and kisses, she never skimps! And of course she absolutely loves being the little spoon when we nap.

Here’s to enjoying the last few hours of my almost 2 year old!




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