Poes do PTOWN!


Last week Ben was off from work for almost a week so we could have a much needed family getaway. The last time our family was able to be together for that long was when we went to Canada 6 months ago in January. 6 months may not seem like a long time but to us it felt like forever! Ben has been working long days pretty frequently and not getting home until after Penny is sleeping. We missed him! So when Ben’s aunts invited us to Provincetown, MA for a few days, we were so excited. We definitely needed some time away.

Penny also turned two a couple months ago and needless to say, “terrible twos” is NOT  a myth, it’s totally and completely REAL! Well, at least it is in Penny’s case. This became all the more clear on our getaway. We faced new challenges traveling with a 2 year old. P-Town was about a 5-6 hour drive and it went pretty well. We only stopped once to eat and Penny napped in the car so it seemed pretty smooth. I packed a ton of snacks, toys and books to keep her entertained. However, when we got there it was a whole new ball game. Even though Penny knows Ben’s aunts and has been around them, she was stuck to us like glue the majority of the time. Luckily they have an incredibly cute and playful pup, Jett who was just the perfect entertainment for Penny.

We had a house right on the beach and Penny fell absolutely in love with the water. If she could be in the water all day I believe she would. She loved throwing rocks into the water and finding the biggest ones to make a bigger splash. That’s the first time we realized that traveling with 2 year old Penny and 1 and half year old Penny was NOT the same, ha! When we were in Canada being tourists, Penny went where we went, did what we did, no fuss no muss! We ate at restaurant’s, sightsee’d, we even drove from Montreal to Toronto without a problem. But now 2 year old Penny has an opinion and a very short attention span. She wanted to do, what she wanted to do, for as long as she wanted and telling her it was time to stop was enough cause for a meltdown. It was like we told her she was getting locked in a closet for a week. That bad! When we are home she has the usual 1-2 meltdowns a day, usually caused by being tired or me telling her she cant do something. That we see coming, but there was something about her not being home and being in a new place that caused her to be so much more emotional.

Nevertheless, we had fun! We had one rainy day and every other day was spent on the beach with Penny. We strolled around town and just relaxed in a different environment and scenery. We grabbed cupcakes from the infamous Scott’s Cupcakes and they did not disappoint. We got Penny a mini cupcake and she inhaled it! It’s a pretty awesome spot and so easy to order since they only offer ONE kind of cupcake! Yes it’s that good! Penny tried to feed Jett anything and everything… including rocks. We are still learning to differentiate kibble and pebbles. We ate outside almost everyday and just enjoyed not having an agenda. We realized how much Penny loves the water regardless of how cold it was. This little girl is pretty fearless.

Oh and the absolute mom fail of the entire trip was leaving my duffle bag with all my clothes at home and not realizing it until I tried to unpack in our room! The whole week I had no idea where we left it or if I left it on the sidewalk when I was putting our stuff in the trunk. I went dressed wearing shorts, flip flops and a t-shirt. I had no clean underwear, no deodorant, no swim suit but of course I remembered to bring 4 pairs of shoes and my Vital Proteins Collagen! Luckily, they had a washer and dryer at the house which helped with the whole one underwear for the week thing. I also wore Ben’s boxers and used his deodorant for the week. Plus, I bought a few pieces of clothing since we had a really cold day and also found the cutest swim suit for $30 at this little shop in town!

At the end, we had a great week spending time together and it was so nice having back up with Penny throughout the day. This trip definitely helped us realize what to expect when traveling with a 2 year old. Which will come in handy in a few weeks when we go to ARUBA! Regardless of the meltdowns and the challenging moments, I love traveling with Penny and experiencing new places with her. Maybe things will get easier as she gets older or hey, maybe they won’t, nevertheless these memories will always be with us!





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