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So guys, I’m 30! If you would have told me 10 years ago that I’d be where I am now I would have thought you were insane! There’s nothing like hitting a new milestone to make you think about your life so far. Let’s just say throughout my teens and 20’s the goal wasn’t ever to get married and have kids. Like ever. I remember countless times telling people it was okay to sweep my feet because I thought, marriage? me? um no! HA! I guess that’s why they always tell you, “Never Say Never”, thanks Biebs!

Anyways, my parents married young, got divorced and pretty much haven’t spoken to each other in years. I also have no relationship with my father and haven’t spoken to him in about 8 years. They just never really gave me something to dream about one day having as far as the whole marriage thing goes.  Instead, my goal in life was to be happy, like genuinely happy. Of course I’ve hit rough patches where life just knocked me down and tested me in ways where I questioned so much. Days I wondered if there was a light at the end of the tunnel. And there really was. I was lucky enough to build relationships with people who turned into my family, my safety net and also my reality check when I needed it.

So here I am, 30, married to my best friend and mother to the most awesome little 2-year-old. I am blessed. I am so incredibly grateful for where I am right now. Yes of course there is so much I can say that would help make things easier if they were different. I wish I had more consistent support with Penny, I wish I had more friends with kids, I wish Ben didn’t work so much, wish we had more date nights, wish I could finally learn how to wing my eyeliner and fill in my brows! I mean I can go on and on. But one thing I’ve realized as I get older and I like to think wiser, is that not all of those things really matter. Yea, I get overwhelmed and stressed out but who doesn’t?! I have made it a point long ago to focus on where I am in the moment and wake up each day with gratitude for all that I am blessed with.

That’s exactly how I woke up on my 30th birthday. Happy, genuinely happy and grateful. Ben brought me donuts from my favorite place, Doughnut Plant the night before and sang me happy birthday with Penny on my lap. Then the next day, on my birthday we spent most of the day out and about. I went to Starbucks and got my free birthday latte, duh! Headed to Sephora and picked up my birthday present, I chose the Tarte set with some blush and two matte lip glosses! We ordered take out that night, Ben put Penny down and we had wine and then basically just Netflix and chilled.

The next day my mom showed up to our place and surprised me saying she was watching Penny, Ben had planned a day date for us. We were about to get on the train when my mom called Ben, Penny was screaming in the background asking for us. I asked Ben if it was okay to bring Penny wherever we were going. He said yes but wanted me to have a little break. AW! I told him It was okay and that I wanted to spend the day with the both of them. Also eliminates my separation anxiety! So we headed over to Brooklyn where I thought we were going to the, “Botanical Garden” for a light show, according to Ben. Sneaky, sneaky! As we were walking through Prospect Park, I hear people screaming, clapping and shouting, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Our nearest and dearest friends were all there and set up a party zone in the park with decorations, food, drinks, music and even a badminton net!! It’s really awesome how people know you. Penny ran around and played with everyone and even went around giving everyone kisses. I loved it! It was all my favorite people in one setting and I got to wear jeans and comfy shoes!

It’s funny how what your idea of a perfect birthday changes to as you get older. It was the laid back kind of birthday I told Ben I wanted. And he freaking delivered. Gotta love that man! So that was me turning 30, and just my overall outlook on where I am and how I choose to feel as I enter this new chapter. And it feels SO GOOD! I am really excited for my 30’s and enjoying every moment. Plus, I have an awesome girls trip coming this week! Two of my best friends and I are heading to Florida for a long weekend. We haven’t gone away together since my bachelorette party last year so I am so excited. See! I knew 30 was going to be awesome!

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P.S. Some fun pictures from my birthday!



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