Penny starts Preschool!



And just like that we have a Preschooler!

So it’s been a while since I’ve been on here and I really miss it! Writing/blogging has become such a creative outlet for me to get my thoughts out and connect with so many awesome people I’ve met through social media. Today, I’m back here to share some big changes that we have gone through and be able to answer a few questions I’ve gotten along the way. As you can see from the title of this post and if you follow my Instagram, you know Penny started Preschool this month. And well, needless to say Ben and I were FREAKING out about it!

I want to start off by sharing why we decided to enroll Penny in Preschool in December and not wait for her to start next September. Penny turned two this past April and if you read this post, you will know that two comes with big changes. From her development to her behavior, everyday seemed like there were new challenges. There were a few things Ben and I noticed in the past 8 months that made us choose to enroll Penny in Preschool a little earlier than we expected. Here are the three main reasons…

Separation Anxiety: This was the most emotional part about enrolling Penny in Preschool. Both for her and I. Being away from Penny even for a couple of hours has always given me the worst anxiety. Since I’m someone who has battled anxiety throughout my life, I can recognize and process my anxiety and when necessary tell myself I need to calm the heck down! Penny not so much. It was getting to the point that Ben and I wouldn’t go on date nights because in the past we’ve had to cut them short when we get calls that Penny was crying hysterically for us. Both Ben and I hated the feeling. Preschool was a way to get Penny more comfortable with the idea of being away from us and her to know that although we leave her, mommy and daddy will always come back for her.

Social Skills: It was a little after Penny’s second birthday that we noticed a few red flags. Penny was going through stranger danger emotions all over again. Not just with strangers though, with family and friends as well.  Preschool was the best atmosphere for Penny to develop her social skills with kids her own age and be more confident around people other than Ben and I. We have already noticed a huge difference with how she socializes with family and even new people we meet.

Speech Development: Penny speech development hit a bit of a halt this year. Although she has an overflowing amount of words in her vocabulary, we noticed her having trouble forming them into sentences. I reached out to a friend, Andrea from high school who works in the early childhood education field for some advice. One of the things she made me realize was that some kids learn more from their peers than from adults. Since Penny is an only child and we don’t have any friends with kids, most of her interactions with other kids are at the playground or in the street. Andrea suggested Preschool would be a great way to introduce Penny to other kids her age and give her a consistent routine and learning environment.

Overall, Ben and I are so happy with our decision to start Preschool earlier than expected. We are 2 weeks in and already notice some big positive changes. The first day was the hardest! Tears, Penny gripping my clothes because she didn’t want me to leave, me questioning if she was too young. After the third day, she walked in with such confidence and said “bye bye mama!” and we just knew we made the right decision. Preschool is a whole new ball game for us and we are so excited for all the positive growth it will bring for Penny!

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