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Happy New Year every one! This year we brought in the new year at home like most years. Penny was in bed by 9 and Ben and I drank margaritas and watched Scream until Alexa counted us down to enter 2018. We cheers’d with a little Prosecco and 12 grapes in our glass which is a tradition I grew up with. One grape for each month of the year and as you eat each grape you make a wish or set a goal for the year. This always makes me think of what I want to focus on for the New Year and put it into action.  I have found that setting intentions rather than rules or restrictions is what works for me and keeps me balanced. There are things that have worked for me in 2017 and I want to continue doing and also things I want to introduce this year. I want this year to be filled with everything that will encourage self improvement, balance, strengthening my marriage and creating memories. 2017 was filled with many exciting moments as well as very challenging ones that caused some difficult moments throughout the year. These are 7 intentions I have made for myself in 2018!

1. Be Present In the Moment

This is something that I have to actively make an effort to do. Which I wish I was better at consistently and as much as I love technology and social media, it has its ways of sucking you into the vortex. As much as I love capturing the moment with photos or Instagram stories, living in the moment is so much better!

2. Limit Phone Usage

This goes alone with ‘Being present’ but it’s still something I want to work on and I feel like I’ve gotten better about now that Penny is getting older. Unless I am checking on something important or on a phone call, I try to catch myself when I feel like I’ve become distracted. And if I do need to be on my phone for some reason, doing it when Penny is having her screen time or engaged in an activity. Ben and I make it a point to call each other out when we are on our phones too much. Penny has even put down my phone and grabbed my hand to bring me into her room to play, which of course makes me feel like the worst parent in world but also reminds me how important my time is with her.

3. Have More Date Nights

Or more day dates! Ben and I were so bad about this during Penny’s first year that last year we made it a point to plan and schedule time for just us. However, we have come to realize recently now that Penny goes to Preschool that our dates don’t have to be long or fancy. Sometimes grabbing coffee, sitting on a bench and talking uninterrupted is so perfect and we definitely appreciate any time we get to spend together.

4. Practice Self Care

After I had Penny this was definitely something that went out the window! Which honestly I didn’t really notice until I look back on pictures of myself during those first few months and OMG! I was a hot mess. This past year I made it a point to practice self care and it made such a huge difference with my overall balance. Getting a manicure, doing a at home face mask, taking a long hot shower while listening to music, getting my hair done, a bikini wax, eyebrows, or even just winding down at the end of the night and having a glass of wine. Everything that contributes to feeling like a functional human being is self care in my book!

5. Start Meditating + Working Out Consistently

2017 was the year my anxiety hit its peek. It’s something I’ve always had to manage and it has definitely been more difficult to manage after becoming a mom. This year shortly after Penny’s 2nd birthday I became more aware of my anxiety issues and needing to find new ways to manage it. I’ve heard such great things about the app called, “Calm” which guides you to through meditation when you’re like me and not sure where to begin. Working out is something that I’ve done on and off throughout my life. Last year I challenged myself to train for my first half marathon which I completed this past October. It was huge for me and I love the way I felt while training! I want to try and have a consistent flow of staying active this year, even if it’s doing workouts at home. Running was great for my anxiety and I want to challenge myself to look for other forms of fitness this year!

6. Label-less Eating

This year I dabbled in different ways of eating to try and find the one that worked best for me. I started out the year trying, vegan when I did the Veganuary challenge. I liked how I felt after the month and kept going till April. After hitting a sluggish few weeks where I lacked energy and constantly felt hungry I decided to start incorporating meat and eggs into my diet. I instantly felt better and realized I was only feeling lethargic when consuming processed food. Now I make a point to try to eat as clean as possible 80% of the time and not feel restricted or guilty if I eat something that may not be the healthiest. Listening to my body was a huge step this year and it was something I struggled with after going vegan for almost 5 months. Overall, it was the best decision I made in 2017 as it helped me have the best relationship with food I’ve ever had.

7. Stay Positive and Practice Gratitude

This is an ongoing intention for me and I am sure it is for most people. Life can get pretty unpredictable and practicing gratitude for all the amazing blessings in life help me have a positive outlook during challenging moments. Parenthood, marriage and relationships  all have ups and downs and I’ve found that negativity can quickly fester when everything seems to be going wrong. Taking a moment, looking at Penny and Ben chasing each other around our apartment, laughing, quickly puts everything into perspective. Family is everything to me and both the reason I try to stay positive and what I am incredibly grateful for. It’s something I want Penny to always feel and practice as well.

Thank you so much for reading! I would love to hear some of your goals or intentions for 2018, leave them for me below!





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