This is two: Things I want to remember


The past year went by in a blur and there are so many things I want to remember. This year was rewarding, challenging, full of joy, stressful at times but so fun and full of laughs.  Here were some highlights from this year plus some things I want to remember…

This was the year Penny told me she loved me for the first time. (Ben too)

She 100% gave up the pacifier (she was still using it to sleep at night)

She learned to count from 1-10.

She learned her ABC’s, sings the song and claps after she crushes the last verse.

She started preschool and only cried the first 3 days of school.

We learned Penny had a speech delay, started getting speech therapy and doubled the words in her vocabulary in just 2 months.

She outgrew the intense stranger danger phase and now let’s Ben and I have more consistent date nights.

She became so close with her cousins.

We went to Aruba with a group of our friends and Penny fell in love with the ocean.

Her love for Sofia the First has expanded and she now reenacts episodes.

She loves her Sofia the First figures and even gives them a bath to keep them clean.

Loves to clean up while singing the “clean up” song.

She loves music and is mesmerized with musical instruments. Currently loves playing the guitar.

She sings a song she made up while playing her guitar about pee pee and potty. HA!

She is still absolutely uninterested in using the potty but not afraid of it anymore. so, win!

She actually let’s me style her hair without putting up a fight.

Dance parties are a regular thing and will drag me away from whatever I’m doing to dance with her.

Penny took dance class for a season and we realized ballet is too slow for her. Her favorite song is “shake it off” by Taylor Swift. And yea, she shakes it!

Every morning we wake up and she asks, Alexa to play, “ED SHEERAN, PERFECT”!

She loves being in the kitchen while I’m cooking and helps with adding ingredients, stirring and taste testing.

She is still such an adventurous eater and cross my fingers she stays this way

Puzzles are her jam.

Books are cool too and loves to sit in her room and flip through them.

She loves stomping in puddles when it rains and smelling flowers when they bloom.

She literally stops and smells the roses when she sees them. Real or fake!

She observes it all and is amazed by the world around her.

She kisses my forehead and gives me the best hugs when I need them the most.

She is my best friend and I feel so lucky she chose me to be her mother.

This was two. Three, we are ready!



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