Dear Penny: Happy third birthday!


Dear Penny,

Today you are three years old. I’ve said it before and I’ll tell you again and again until you’re old enough to fully grasp the infinite joy you have brought into my life. And even then I’ll still remind you just how special you are and how much your daddy and I love you. This last year was filled with firsts for all three of us. We took time getting to know each other in your new stage of discovery and exercising your own voice filled with thoughts and options. As much as our communication had its holes this year, I am so proud how far we’ve come in understanding each other while we navigate through this mother-daughter relationship. I want you to know I will never stop trying to understand and relate to you. You are smart, funny, kind and full of energy. You keep your daddy and I on our toes. Thank you for that. I hope you continue to be fascinated by the world around you and show kindness to people, especially when you see that they need it the most. You are so observant and sympathetic. Thank you for all the extra kisses and cuddles when you know I’ve had a rough day. For going down quickly when it’s been a long day. For grabbing me by the hand and making me dance with you when you see musicians performing in the street. For bringing your daddy and I closer and causing us to communicate better. For making us laugh until our stomachs hurt because you just do the silliest things. You will move mountains little one and I have a feeling you will find your passion at an early age. Regardless of where you decide to go in life, please know, wherever you go, I go.

Happy birthday, baby! I love you to infinity and beyond and to the moon and back, mi amor!


Your mother

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