Penny’s 3rd Birthday Party!


Penny’s birthday parties came and went! And I have to say these were the most effortlessly fun parties to date. We had a Sofia the First party at school with her classmates and surprised her with cupcakes and a big 3 balloon! She was not expecting it and had the sweetest reaction when everyone started singing happy birthday and realized the party was for her! Ha! The whole party was about 45 minutes and let me tell you it was perfectly sweet and simple. I never thought I’d say this but these 3 year olds were easily impressed! We sang happy birthday, ate cupcakes, and danced until it was time to go.

We gave out little party favors with Play-doh, bubbles and tattoos. They were a hit and according to Penny’s teacher the parents really appreciated not including candy in them!

The following day was Penny’s actual birthday! We celebrated with family and friends at one of our favorite parks in Queens, Hunters Point Park. This was also where we celebrated her 2nd birthday last year. It’s just the perfect location to cater to everyone who came. The adults lounged out, the older kids went to the basketball courts and Penny spent most of her time at the playground. We told everyone on the invitation it was a, “BYOB” kind of shindig, meaning Bring Your Own Blanket!

As far as theme goes, we didn’t have one this year! We had a theme for Penny’s school party so we didn’t feel the need to bring any decorations to the park since we were all hanging out on the grass, picnic style. All we did was bring her big 3 balloon from the day before so that everyone knew where the party was! One thing I love about having outdoor parties for Penny is the lack of pressure to entertain. I’m frankly not good at it! Penny has 2 older cousins who have outgrown themes and party favors. She also has 2 cousins closer to her age who couldn’t make it so there was no need for kid activities or anything. Everyone explored the park, the kids played, we ate and enjoyed everyones company. It was truly all I wanted for the day and Penny had the best time not having an agenda.

As far as party details, I guess this really isn’ that kind of post! We kept things simple and well, cheap! I ordered all of Penny’s Sofia the First party decor on Amazon, Her cake was from Costco ($18! You just can’t beat that!), we also got a variety box of chips (yes, the unhealthy kind and the older kids ended up taking a bunch as their “party favors” ha!!), a fruit platter and pre-made sandwiches and wraps, which were a hit! The only thing I physically made with my two lazy hands was a pasta salad and let me tell you I think only one person actually ate it, LOL.

One thing I really want to remember is that this was the year that I feel like Penny truly enjoyed celebrating her birthday! She understood everyone was there for her. Last year she was going through a very intense stranger danger phase. When we all sung happy birthday, I remember her digging her face into my chest because all the attention on her was just too much. This year she was more social, more vocal, more happy! It was such an amazing day. It was also one of the warmest days of the month followed by rain and clouds the next day. Everyone said that we got so lucky with the day, I like to think the sun came out for my girl!

Here are some fun pictures from Penny’s birthday!

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