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Hey friends!

I’m following up on my post about my experience with Whole30 last month! In this post I’m sharing some of my favorite meals and how I tried to simplify what I cooked with a toddler running around. This is still how I find myself cooking lately even though I ended my Whole30 last month. Lets jump into it!

So when planning my meals my goal was simply to stick to whole foods. My plate would have a combination of protein, veggies and sometimes fruit. Let’s start with breakfast! Here are some examples of what my meals looked like for me…


2 egg fritata with chicken apple sausage + fresh strawberries


Taco-less salad – Mixed greens with ground turkey, guac and mango salsa


Sweet potato hash with spinach, chicken apple sausage, fried egg and some mango


Sautéed spinach with chicken sausage + Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel seasoning + avocado 


Bae-sic Salad with mixed greens, sliced turkey, avocado and salsa (this was probably my most repeat meal since it was so easy to throw together!)


Scrambled eggs with spinach, some salsa, avocado over mixed greens


Deviled eggs, avocado, turkey meatballs over mixed greens (one big reason to make or find whole30 compliant mayo! DEVILED EGGS!)


Parmesean-less chicken + marinara sauce and spinach  (This was a day I ran out of veggies as you can see, LOL!)


Butternut Squash zoodles + salmon and broccoli 


Sautéed spinach with chicken sausage, scrambled eggs and mango salsa (I literally ended up mixing everything together and it was one of my favorite meals!)


As you can see most of these were repeats and my portions kind of varied. One thing I realized with some meals was that it wasn’t enough. A problem I had on some days was that I was literally out of greens and just ate what was left. I found myself hitting up the grocery store more often however I also realized I wasn’t necessarily spending more throughout the week. No bread, pasta, beans rice and the occasional dairy product throughout the week was actually more expensive than getting more veggies when I needed them.

Now let’s talk snacks! Some people don’t snack on Whole30, I definitely had to! I snack everyday! It just how my body thrives in between meals. Here are some products I found that helped me not only in the snack department but in the eating on the go department as well!


Have you tried Nutpods Creamer yet?! If not you have to! It’s a Whole30 compliant creamer you can use in coffee, tea, or anything else really! They have a bunch of different flavors too! Also, these meat snacks from Mission Meats were SO GOOD! I found both of these on Thrive Market and if you haven’t experienced Thrive Market yet, you’re in for a freaking treat! It’s like Whole Foods, meets Costco, meets Amazon Prime. It’s basically an online healthy food store with discount prices. There is an annual membership but you can try them out first before signing up which is pretty cool. Check them out here and you can also get 25% off you’re first order! Other foods I snacked on were raw veggies + fruit with nut butters.  The combos and possibilities are endless really.

If you’re thinking about doing Whole30, I definitely recommend getting the Whole30 book here. It was such a good guide, and answers any question you might have as well as how to eat after Whole30 so you reap all the benefits and celebrate your FOOD FREEDOM! I also recommend finding Whole30 compliant mayo, salsa, hot sauce and salad dressing. Also, some compliant sausage to keep in the fridge was so helpful. I LOVE Aidells chicken apple sausages! They are must haves so you don’t get bored with what you are eating and can constantly add more flavor to your meals. I’ll link some of my favorite recipes and products below!

Mayo: No crumbs left has a good recipe here and Primal Kitchen has a great Whole30 compliant one as well here.

Salsa: Make you’re own! Here is a good one!

Hot sauce: I used Cholula

Salad Dressing: Primal Kitchen has some good ones too here!

I think that wraps up what I ate during my Whole30! I hope it was helpful and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out. I’d love to hear about your experience!

As always, thanks for reading!





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