Poes do Washington DC




Our family recently took an unexpected trip to Washington DC. It was a gloomy Tuesday morning, a few weeks ago and we all had a late start to the day. Penny slept in and we were having breakfast by noon. We wanted to get out of the house and start our day. Especially since Ben was going back to work that Friday. We saw it was raining so that pretty much scratched our outdoor plans. So where do you go when it’s raining and you don’t want to be home? Duh, TARGET!   Continue reading “Poes do Washington DC”

Poes do Aruba: 7 days on the happiest island



It’s hard to believe our Aruba trip came and went. We planned this vacation 2 years ago when we lived in Arizona; Penny was only 6 months old. I remember thinking, Penny will be 2 years old when we take this trip, she will need a passport, oh crap she is going to need her own plane ticket! Nevertheless, the day finally came! The weeks before were a little anxious for me trying to do everything in my power to be fully prepared to be gone for a week and make sure Penny would be set. Making sure we were fully prepared for the flight was probably our biggest concern. But she was amazing! Continue reading “Poes do Aruba: 7 days on the happiest island”

Poes do PTOWN!


Last week Ben was off from work for almost a week so we could have a much needed family getaway. The last time our family was able to be together for that long was when we went to Canada 6 months ago in January. 6 months may not seem like a long time but to us it felt like forever! Ben has been working long days pretty frequently and not getting home until after Penny is sleeping. We missed him! So when Ben’s aunts invited us to Provincetown, MA for a few days, we were so excited. We definitely needed some time away. Continue reading “Poes do PTOWN!”