Our Fertility Journey: part one

I recently posted about our fertility journey on Instagram. I wanted to do a post to share what our experience has been like and hopefully answer some questions I’ve received. I do also want to say again how grateful we are to anyone and everyone who commented, DM’d and text/called us to just give us words of encouragement. A million times thank you! As I said in my post, we started trying to have another baby a few months after Penny’s second birthday.

Let me start by saying I wasn’t on any type of birth control before that. I went on birth control after I had Penny but stopped after one cycle because it completely messed me up. I was so moody and miserable, everything bothered me and I overall did not feel like myself. I believe the way I described it was feeling like I literally had a black cloud over my head following me everywhere. As if my body was being taken over by someone else.  

So I went off birth control and had no interest in trying anything else. So for the next 2 years we didn’t exactly try not to get pregnant but we weren’t trying either. We always knew we wanted to have more kids and really loved the idea of our kids being close in age. However, we weren’t in a rush to actively start trying either if that makes any sense.

A few months after Penny’s birthday, we started actively trying to get pregnant. We felt ready and honestly were very naive to think it would just happen because we were having sex around the time I was ovulating. I feel like when we are younger we are told that if we have unprotected sex, YOU WILL GET PREGNANT! It was just a fact. But it’s not like that at all! At least it wasn’t for us. Actually the percentage of a woman my age (30’s) getting pregnant during each cycle is about 15%.

So, after 6 months of not getting pregnant I went in for my annual check up with my OB and asked for some fertility testing. Usually 6 months of trying was not a long time, since I haven’t been on any type of birth control since Penny was 4 months old, we wanted to make sure everything was okay. Along with some blood work my doctor tracked my cycle for one month and checked my progesterone levels to make sure I was actually ovulating. All concluded I was perfectly fertile and we were told to keep trying to conceive naturally.

After that, I decided to track my ovulation every cycle to see if I was actually ovulating when I thought I was. Freakishly enough I was, down to the the day my app told me I would be. Since we knew I was ovulating we decided to keep trying on our own and keep our fingers crossed. We did this for a year. Month after month my cycle came and I dreaded goint to the bathroom. Dreaded waking up to my period.

Then, November 2018 it was time for my annual check up again. Sadly my OB, the one who delivered Penny moved away and I needed to find a new one. I decided to book an apt. with a new doctor and transfer over all my fertility tests so she knew where we were in the process. I was extremely disappointed when I went in for my appointment and the doctor told me I wasn’t due for a check up.

She told me OB check ups only have to happen every 3 years now and that my last pap and blood work was all normal so it wasn’t necessary. After I mentioned we had been trying for a while, all she said was to keep trying! It was so frustrating and made me feel like my questions were just getting brushed off.

I went home and started to look for another OB and found Dr. L! She did a full blood work order and immediately referred me to a fertility specialist. I started seeing Dr. K at the end of January and we spent the next month or so doing all the tests! Everything from genetic testing, an HSG test, which checks if your tubes are blocked, sperm and semen analysis and more I can’t remember; all tests came back in our favor and we were given all of our options. Dr. K made me feel confident that no matter what fertility treatment we chose, the odds are in our favor. The question was which route were we going to take.

To be continued…