Let’s Chat: Whole30 take two!

Y’all I did it! I completed my whole30 and my reintroduction and I’m officially in my food freedom. And needless to say, it feels GOOD! I feel like I finally have an understanding of what foods make me feel my best and which don’t. I feel like I have a relationship with food that I always read about but didn’t really understand. Like “food freedom”, yea okay, pass the Pizza! But it’s REAL!

This was my second take at Whole30 and if you were following along last year, I attempted Whole30 and peace’d out on day 15. Mostly because I was feeling SO hungry! One thing I realized this go around was that last year, it was simple, I was always hungry because I wasn’t eating enough. And I wasn’t eating enough because I was prepping enough food which made me feel restricted and HANGRY!

This time things were different. I had already been eating paleo/whole30ish  most days of the week. I had go-to meals, I knew how to make. Also, SNACKS! Although snacking isn’t encouraged on whole30, as long as your snacks are whole30 compliant then you’re good. In my case snacking was a must. My work schedule is basically 40 in 4. I work 9.5 hours a day, 4 days a week. So having snacks on hand was a no brainer. I developed a very close relationship with CHOMPS meat sticks and RX Bars. Oh and let’s not forget Nutpods Creamer! These 3 products are still staples in my weekly grocery run. Also I’m really excited to say I have a discount code with CHOMPS that I can share with y’all! You can shop online at CHOMPS.COM and receive 15 % off your order plus free shipping with code ‘VEE15’. It seriously makes me so happy to partner with a brand that I love and who creates a clean ingredient product.

I shared the results of my reintro on my instagram, but heres the short version.

Gluten Free Grains: we cool

Dairy: nope, not friends, not even a little bit.

Gluten: I can tolerate small quantities of gluten but too much makes me bloated and lethargic

Legumes: This was the last thing introduced because I honestly don’t eat legumes like that and I didn’t miss them. I did have some this weekend and they made me bloated. Which is 100% okay with me since I never really eat them, not even hummus!

So these were my findings and like I said in my instagram post, this doesn’t mean I’m never having dairy. I mean it was Penny’s birthday this past weekend and I had cake AND pizza LOL. Did it feel great afterwards? Not even a little! my face was puffy and I felt like like I could sleep 18 hours straight, HA! But that’s okay with me because I know that’s not a frequent occurrence. So sometimes yea, I’m going to have pizza and cheese and some flan from my favorite bakery. For me that’s my food freedom. Knowing what makes me feel good, what doesn’t and having it anyway with no guilt or even second guessing it because it tastes so DAMN GOOD!

Oh and I finally stepped on the scale last week and I lost a whole 4 pounds, LOL! Even though weight loss was not the point of my whole30, I honestly thought I lost more weight. I felt SO MUCH lighter during and after my whole30. Since I removed all the foods that were making me feel bloated and sluggish, I’m sure that’s why me feeling “light” was more internally than actual body weight. I’m planning on putting together a post with all the recipes I found and loved during my whole30 and other meals I had on repeat. Also some of my favorite food bloggers!

I did want to include the following tips that I found helpful during my whole30 —

• Don’t do a whole30 when you have a lot going on that month. If you are going on vacation or going to a wedding or maybe you have a girl’s night planned. For me, I made sure I had nothing going on and it made it 1000% easier to be able to commit to my whole30.

• Don’t force anyone or guilt someone who doesn’t truly want to do a whole30, do it with you. I did that with Ben last year and when he ducked out it really threw me off.

• Have whole30 compliant versions of your favorite staples. I’m talking ketchup, mayo, hot sauce, mustard, coconut aminos instead of soy sauce was a must for me.

• Get excited about trying a new recipe. Especially a whole30 version of your favorite dish!

Hope this was helpful for anyone curious about whole30. Thanks for reading and if you are looking for more info on Whole30 I wrote this post last year when I did it for the first time and there are also tons of resources over at whole.com!



Let’s Chat: Whole30 Meals + Products



Hey friends!

I’m following up on my post about my experience with Whole30 last month! In this post I’m sharing some of my favorite meals and how I tried to simplify what I cooked with a toddler running around. This is still how I find myself cooking lately even though I ended my Whole30 last month. Lets jump into it!

So when planning my meals my goal was simply to stick to whole foods. My plate would have a combination of protein, veggies and sometimes fruit. Let’s start with breakfast! Here are some examples of what my meals looked like for me… Continue reading “Let’s Chat: Whole30 Meals + Products”